Who We Are

We are excited to share with you that our Non-Profit, The Sage Life Foundation is ready to break ground, and get its start.

Dennis and Wendy Hood

We are Dennis and Wendy Hood and we have to share with you that God has spoken this vision in to our lives and we are so thankful that the time is here to ask for your prayers and commitment to support us through the development venture.

Where We Have Been

Our backgrounds in business and professional sports have brought us together to implement this Retreat Center as a married couple of 28 years. We find it so amazing that God would use us. We get to share our knowledge and passion with many people and we feel so blessed.

Our journey that has led us to this point over the last 13 years has looked like this:

  • 2004
    We started a fitness company without a building. We were mobile, went to clients homes and held classes in our church.
  • 2007
    We opened our first facility. 2800 sq. ft. One baseball cage, held kickboxing classes, Martial Arts classes, Group Big Loser Challenges, and one-on-one 5 Week Health Programs.
  • 2009
    We collaborated with a developer and designed and built from the ground up a SPORTSPLEX, a two-story facility. 5000 sq. ft. Four Baseball Cages, held kickboxing classes, Martial Arts classes, Group Big Loser Challenges, and one-on-one 5 Week Health Programs. We also added a running track on the second level where it looped the entire facility. This building is now a Vibrant Church that is blessing many people.
  • 2010
    Our third facility, 5,000 sq. ft, building with 2 baseball cages, and 2 pitching lanes. In addition we held kickboxing classes, Martial Arts classes, Group Big Loser Challenges, and one-on-one 5 Week Health Programs. We added intense fitness training such as PX- 90 groups, Insanity groups, running programs and we launched our first two Traveling Baseball Teams. U- 13 & U-14. We also collaborated with a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and became a pick up point for our community to get fresh organic produce and honey.
  • 2012 – Present
    We focused on our local schools and became present in the schools and supporting our local Homeschooled community. We are currently in four Montessori Schools and we support our Homeschooled community at our Home Studio. We continue to teach Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Personal Training and Health Coaching. We have expanded to teaching Health Coaching Workshops in a local Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center, in Churches, as well as Gardening and cooking classes.

Thirteen years ago, we received the call from God to go and teach people how to live a full and Vibrant Life. Here we are today sharing with you what God has put in our hearts. We are thrilled to say the least.

Where We Are Going

Last month, we received a letter confirming The Sage Life Foundation as a 501 c (3), a Georgia Nonprofit Corporation. We are thrilled along with our Board Members and our Advisory Board.

For the past year and a half, Dennis has been living on a farm, learning the ends and outs of farming. He is naturally talented in fixing things from broken shelves, doors, plumbing, electricity, cars and more to now, tractors, bush hoggers and more. Dennis has been working with Chickens, refurbishing old buildings, completing new construction and the list goes on. This has been so helpful for him because this experience with be so helpful in assisting in the building our Retreat Center… The FARM.

At the FARM, we plan to bring God’s Vision to a reality! We will build a place where people can retreat away from their every day busy lives and learn to take care of themselves from the inside out. We will have a Recreation Center for nutritional seminars, programs, and cooking demonstrations and hands on learning. We will have Simplistic Cottages, for our visitors lodging. We will have gardens where we grow our own fresh organic produce, in addition, we will have gardening classes, in our outdoor functional Green House. We will serve fresh quality food that is free of pesticides, and filled with the nutrition that God intended us to eat. We will serve organic tea, smoothies, green drinks & juices as well and teach our visitors how to make these in their own space.

We see The FARM, as a place for healing, recovery, and restoring Strength to all people. If you are fit and well, you can maintain your healthy lifestyle by implementing the resources provided by The FARM in your life. If something is out of balance in your life, we can help you find restoration. If you are truly sick, or just sick and tired, you can regain your energy and heal at The FARM.

We believe that God created us all healthy with a vision and we believe that He is the true healer and we know he has called us as His helper to assist whoever is thirsty. Your vision needs to be implemented and being fully well, you can run your race with a passion and a true joy.


How To Donate

We are thanking you in advance for your prayers, support and encouragement. We also thank you sincerely for your donations. They will help us see this beautiful dream to fruition. Thank you so much, we cannot express how much this all means to us.

The SAGE LIFE Foundation is a 501c3 Charity.


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